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Murdered South Dallas Barber Fredrick Myers Remembered At Vigil: ‘He’s Always Been A Giving Person’



Family and friends of a South Dallas barber who was shot and killed Saturday, honored his memory Sunday night.

They held a candlelight vigil outside Fredrick Myers’ barber shop, Kingz of Cutz.

Myers owned his barber shop for almost 15 years. Dozens of red roses now sit in his barber chair.

Those close to Myers say they remember his loving, giving heart.

They said he cared about South Dallas.

Myers gave people in need jobs and helped the homeless.

He hosted a back-to-school block party for the kids every year. Giving out free hair cuts, backpacks and school supplies.

His mother, Betty Myers-Davis said that’s just who he was.

“He’s been that way his whole life. He’s always been a giving person,” said Myers-Davis. “He’s always been a sweetheart. Never had any problems. He’s always been a good child.”

“What he started we are definitely going to continue. We will continue his legacy,” said neighbor, Linda Henderson.

Police responded to the shooting call at 3109 Al Lipscomb Way on Saturday around 11:30 a.m..

When officers arrived, they discovered Myers, 42, had been shot.

A motive for the crime has not been released.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Bowman is encouraged to call 911 or contact Det. Christopher Walton at 214-671-3662 or

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Solidarity of Peace for Botham Shem Jean Rally!



pinSolidarity of Peace for Botham Shem Jean Rally!

Frank Crowley Criminal Courts Building
133 N Riverfront Blvd,
Dallas, Texas 75207
Monday at 9 AM – 11 AM


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Group calling for the firing of KEN PAXTON



Texas Organizing Project is calling for the Firing of Attorney General Ken Paxton.

In September 2018, a federal judge declared the Dallas County bail system violates people’s constitutional rights.

A majority of people locked up in the Lew Sterrett Jail have not been convicted of a crime, and are simply there because they can’t afford bail.

During their time in jail, they lose their ability to work and the freedom to mount a vigorous defense, often driving them to plead guilty even when they are not.

Dallas County has to change its system, but this will not happen as long as Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office represents Dallas County felony court judges in this lawsuit. Paxton, a Republican, will never acknowledge that mass incarceration is a problem or that the system was built to discriminate against people of color.

District Court Judge Tammy Kemp and other felony court judges in Dallas County should fire Ken Paxton’s office, and reform the bail system so that people are no longer jailed just because they’re poor.

SIGN OUR PETITION calling on Judge Kemp and other Dallas County felony court judges to fire Ken Paxton’s office and come to the table to reach a settlement:

Judge Tammy Kemp Campaign (204th District Court)
Dominique Collins (Criminal District Court 4)
Judge Nancy Kennedy, Criminal District Court 2
Gracie Lewis (Criminal District Court 3)
Lela Mays (283rd Criminal District Court)
Judge Hector Garza (195th Criminal District Court)
Jennifer Bennett Judge 265th District Court
Judge Chika Anyiam (Criminal District Court 7)
Stephanie Huff (291st Criminal District Court)
Ernest White (194th Criminal District Court)
Raquel Rocky Jones (203rd Criminal District Court)
Jeanine Howard (Criminal District Court 6)
Tracy Holmes (363rd District Court)
Carter Thompson (Criminal District Court 4)

For more information, call or text Edwin Valentine at 469-426-4918.


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Amber Guyger murder trial will take place in Dallas after judge denies change of venue request



DALLAS – A Dallas County judge ruled Monday a fired Dallas police officer will have her murder trial take place in Dallas.

Judge Tammy Kemp denied a change of venue request made by Amber Guyger’s defense attorney’s earlier this summer.

The former officer shot and killed Botham Jean last year in his own apartment. She’d just finished her shift with the Dallas Police Department and claims she went into his apartment by mistake. Guyger said she thought Jean was an intruder in her apartment.

Guyger’s defense team asked for the trial to be moved, claiming in court she couldn’t get a fair trial in Dallas County because of the publicity surrounding the case.

But as jury selection took place in the past week and a half, it seemed more and more likely the trial would stay. Twelve jurors and four alternates were selected for the trial last Friday.

Guyger was in court on Monday for what was likely the last pre-trial hearing before the trial begins next week.

The defense placed exhibits into the record of broadcast and published media reports, again making one last argument claiming media hysteria would make it impossible to get a fair trial.

FOX 4’s coverage from September 6, the day jury selection began, was among the submissions.

“Same arguments that I tendered in the motion pervasive… prejudicial and inflammatory, I believe,” said Michael Mowla, Guyger defense attorney.

Prosecutor Doug Gladden told Kemp that of the 12 jurors and four alternates, eight jurors had heard of the case and four had not. Four alternates had heard of the case. Fifteen of the 16 said they had not formed an opinion and one said they had formed an opinion but could set it aside.

“What these numbers show is that despite the volume of news articles, the coverage, the media coverage, while some articles could be portrayed as sensational — most of which were editorial articles — the coverage in this case was not pervasive,” Gladden said.

Guyger’s trial is set to begin in one week, next Monday, September 23.

Source at FOX 4

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