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Edmond: Police Justified in Shooting of Unarmed 17-year-old Isaiah Lewis who Suffered from Mental Health Issues



EDMOND — Police “justifiably shot” a naked, unarmed teenager after he was “ineffectively tasered,” the city of Edmond claims in response to a civil rights lawsuit filed by the victim’s parents.

Edmond’s answer, filed Wednesday in Oklahoma City federal court, also contends the actions of the officers “were not based upon and do not differentiate among the races of various citizens.”

“Edmond denies that it violated any constitutional rights and denies it is liable to Plaintiffs (in any capacity) for the death of Isaiah Mark Lewis,” the city’s legal filing stated.

Lewis, 17, was naked and unarmed when police shot and killed him April 29, the legal filing acknowledges. Police said Lewis broke into a home and assaulted officers who had followed him inside and use of a Taser didn’t stop him.

The officers involved, Sgt. Milo Box and officer Denton Scherman, were put on administrative assignment pending the outcome of an investigation into the shooting. The filing indicates publicly for the first time that Scherman fired the fatal shots. He was hired by the department on Sept. 10, seven months before the fatal shooting.

“Edmond admits that Isaiah Mark Lewis was justifiably shot by a service weapon after being ineffectively tasered,” the filing stated. “Edmond also admits that Isaiah Mark Lewis was naked and unarmed when he was shot and that verbal commands were given to Isaiah Mark Lewis prior to the shooting.”

The city claims in its response that Box “legally properly and justifiably tasered Isaiah Mark Lewis while inside the aforementioned residence.”

In May, Lewis’ parents filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of Edmond and the two officers involved in the shooting. Attorneys alleged in the lawsuit that the officers’ actions violated Lewis’ rights under the Fourth Amendment to be secure in his person against unreasonable seizure and his right to due process under the Fourteenth Amendment.

The lawsuit identifies Lewis as African American. It specifically alleges that Edmond police have a culture of intentionally treating African Americans differently.

Attempts to reach the family’s attorneys on Wednesday were not successful.

A news conference to announce the lawsuit was attended by several dozen people, including Lewis’ family and representatives from the NAACP and Black Lives Matter. At the event, family attorney Andrew M. Stroth said Lewis was experiencing a mental health breakdown when officers “unjustifiably” shot him.”At that moment in time, instead of helping him and assisting him and bringing him safely into custody, he was shot and killed,” Stroth said. ” … A mother and father lost their son. Four brothers lost their brother.”

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Elementary school assignment asks students to ‘set your price for a slave’



MEHLVILLE, MO — A class assignment landed a Missouri teacher on administrative leave and has the NAACP calling for a formal apology.

It happened at an elementary school in Mehlville, Missouri. Students in a fifth grade class were asked to do an assignment setting prices for different things and then reflect on topics such as a free market economy and wealth.

The students set prices for 12 different things: lumber, tar, wool, milk, etc. However, the last item the students were asked to set a price for was quite different than the first 11.

“You own a plantation or farm and therefore need more workers,” the question began. “You begin to get involved in the slave trade industry and have slaves work on your farm. Your product to trade is slaves. Set your price for a slave. These could be worth a lot.”

“The assignment was culturally insensitive,” principal Jeremy Booker said to KMOV in St. Louis. “The teacher has expressed significant remorse.”

Booker sent a letter to parents explaining the assignment and the steps being taken to rectify what happened and keep it from happening again.

“The school district is continuing to investigate this event,” Booker said. “I am working with district leadership to provide all Blades teachers and staff with professional development on cultural bias in the near future.”

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Meet the CEO of LAX Airport — Yes, a Black Woman



Not a lot of people know that a Black woman, Deborah Flint, is the CEO of the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), which owns and operates LAX and Van Nuys Airports – two of the largest and busiest airports in the country. As CEO since 2015, Flint has made significant transformations to help enhance the experience of passengers who travel to and from Los Angeles, California. Read More Here

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Va. woman will serve no jail time for killing, dumping 6 puppies, but Michael Vick…



An Augusta woman will serve no jail time for killing, dumping 6 puppies but Over 380,000 people have signed petition to get the NFL to remove Mike Vick as honorary 2020 Pro Bowl captain

According to NBC12 An Augusta County woman who admitted shooting and killing a litter of puppies and then dumping them over an embankment just before Christmas last year will serve no time in jail.

Betsy Hemp, of Middlebrook, was convicted of six misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty on Sept. 24. She also pleaded guilty to six charges of illegal dumping in connection with her disposal of the puppies’ bodies.

Woman charged for shooting 6 puppies to death, dumping them over embankment ]

She had originally faced felony charges of torture of an animal, causing death, but they were all reduced to misdemeanor animal cruelty charges when she was convicted.

On October 10, in Augusta County Circuit Court, Hemp faced sentencing.

During the hearing, her lawyer called John Anderson to testify. He spoke about all of the things Hemp does for his wife and himself, including cooking, running errands like getting groceries and prescriptions, and taking care of the lawn.

Hemp also testified. She said she was angry and frustrated that even though she tried to do the right thing, she wasn’t able to find a place for the animals. Hemp said she regretted killing the animals.

During the hearing, Hemp testified that she thought of the animals as working dogs, and her lawyer argued that meant she saw them differently than the companion animals she also raised.

Augusta County Commonwealth’s Attorney Tim Martin, who prosecuted the case, argued for Hemp to spend time in jail for her crimes. He said he found her actions disturbing.

The judge ultimately gave her a suspended sentence, pointing out Hemp’s testimony of seeing them as working dogs before doing so.

Hemp will be required to complete 500 hours (which comes out to 20 days and 20 hours) of community service and pay a $1,500 fine for the charges of illegal dumping (related to her dumping of the puppies’ bodies over an embankment on the side of Troxel Gap Road between Middlebrook and Craigsville).

She’ll also have to carry out 60 hours of litter abatement.

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