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Caught on video: A teenage girl being punched by a white cop at Coral Square Mall



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DaQuan Huey 17, blind in one eye after being shot by police at close range with a Pepper Spray Gun JXP



According to TXKToday  – The Texarkana Texas Police Department is currently investigating a use of force incident by an officer against a 17 year old man. Departmental policy requires all use of force incidents be reported and reviewed by department administration. Following the incident, a complaint alleging excessive force was received from the guardian of the man.

On Sunday, January 27, officers were dispatched to multiple calls of large disturbances and fights in the area of Brookwood Street and Belt Road. When the first officers arrived, they encountered a group of approximately eighty people fighting in the street.

After the crowd started to disperse, two officers were alerted to a man with a ball bat and a woman fighting in the alley and ran to their location. As the man and woman were exchanging punches with each other, one officer grabbed the man around his chest and attempted to pull him away from the woman. The man resisted while the officer tried to hold on to him with one hand and keep the woman away by pointing his JPX pepper gun at her with the other hand. The man managed to turn toward the officer and began to come at him in an apparent effort to attack the officer. While still trying to control the man with one hand, the officer fired one shot from his JPX pepper gun. The officers were then able to take both into custody.

The 17 year old man was transported by ambulance to a local hospital, where he was treated for his injuries as a result of his involvement in the fights and the JPX deployment. Witnesses at the scene indicated that both the 17 year old man and another man had been struck with a ball bat just before the officers arrived.

Warrants for the future arrest of the 17 year old have been issued for Disorderly Conduct – Fighting in Public and Resisting Arrest.

A federal lawsuit has been filed and any follow up inquiries for information on this matter will need to be directed to the attorneys representing the City.

According to Attorney Lee Merritt…On January 27, 2019 seventeen year old #DaQuanHuey was breaking up a fight between friends. A relationship dispute had turned ugly and DaQuan managed to grab a hold of a bat being wielded by one of the agitators. He tried to convince everyone to calm down and prevent anyone from getting seriously hurt … Then police arrived. Officers immediately drew down on DaQuan and ordered that he “drop the bat”! He complied. The crowd involved in the brawl began to disperse and police pursued the fleeing individuals. As people moved in every direction DaQuan found himself suddenly being rushed by a woman upset that he had intervened and attempted to breakup the fight earlier. As the woman advanced on him, DaQuan backed away until he was suddenly grabbed from behind by someone he later learned to be a police officer. DaQuan could not see who was grabbing him and struggled to break free of his hold. The man spun DaQuan around and shot him at point blank range in the face with a JPX device (pepper spray gun). The force from the discharge fractured DaQuan’s medial left orbital wall blinding him in his left eye permanently. DaQuan was trying to break up a fight. He was a peacemaker. At no point did he represent a danger to police officers or anyone else. The brutal assault on DaQuan by Texarkana Texas PD was completely unjustified and we demand justice.


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Arlington police killed Tavis Crane for ‘no lawful reason,’ family’s lawsuit says



According to Star-Telegram The family of a 23-year-old man who was shot during a traffic stop and pronounced dead at the hospital has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court seeking damages from the city of Arlington.

About two years ago, Tavis Crane, his daughter and several passengers were stopped in the 1700 block of Spring Lake Drive by Elise Bowden, an Arlington officer, who later noticed the driver had warrants out for his arrest, according to Arlington police.

Bowden called for backup and two additional units responded.

When the officers approached Crane to arrest him, he refused to comply and put his car in reverse, hitting Bowden and slamming into her patrol car, police said. To get the suspect to stop, one of the backup officers got into Crane’s car from the rear passenger door and shot him, according to a police report.

As Crane pulled forward, he again ran over the female officer who was on the ground, as he tried to flee. His car pulled ahead and came to a stop after rounding a curve at the end of the road, police said.

The lawsuit, filed in January, recounts a different set of facts, however, saying that Craig Roper, an Arlington police officer named as a party in the lawsuit, jumped in the back seat of the vehicle with his weapon drawn and shot Crane as he tried to turn off the vehicle’s ignition.

The vehicle did not go into reverse until after Roper shot Crane, according to the lawsuit.

“Once Roper shot Crane for no lawful reason, Crane was no longer in control of the vehicle, did not have the ability to operate the vehicle nor would he have been aware that Bowden was walking behind the vehicle,” the lawsuit states.

“The officer hit the gear shift after Crane was shot,” said Daryl Washington, the attorney representing the family. “You can hear the gunshot before the car moves. Clearly, the officer caused this. He should have never jumped in the back seat.”

Roper’s moving the gear shift caused the vehicle to go in reverse, Washington said. As the car rolled forward, Roper shot Crane a second time, the lawsuit states.

Washington said there was never probable cause to stop Crane’s car, a white 2005 Ford Crown Victoria, in the first place.

Officers tried to help the suspect before he was taken to Arlington Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 12:31 a.m., according to the Tarrant County medical examiner’s website.

Two other adults and a toddler in the suspect’s car were not injured in the incident. Bowden recovered from her injuries after being treated at John Peter Smith Hospital for several broken bones.

In addition to recovering damages for the family, the lawsuit seeks to recover damages for the two adult witnesses for mental anguish and severe emotional distress from being in the line of fire during the shooting, according to the lawsuit.

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