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6 Security Officers Investigated After Assault of Black Student at Barnard College



‘Get Your Hands Off Me’: Security Officers Investigated After Video Shows Them Assault Black Student

Barnard College said six security officers are on paid leave while under investigation over a video that shows them pushing a Black student against a countertop for not showing his ID card, the Columbia Spectator reported Friday night. 

Columbia University and Barnard are partner institutions. After 11 p.m., students are required to show their ID card to enter the Barnard campus. Alexander McNab, the Columbia student in the video, told the student newspaper that he was frustrated that security officers have a double standard. They often allow White students to enter Barnard’s main gate without showing ID but demand identification from students of color.

On Thursday night, when McNab refused to show his ID at the gate the security officers followed him into the Milstein Center. Two of the officers pinned him down to the counter at a Peet’s Coffee, after which he handed them his ID.

“I didn’t violate anybody. Get your hands off of me,” McNab says to the security officers.

After looking at McNab’s ID card, one of the officers responds, “Let’s walk outside.”

The student told the newspaper that he feared going outside with the officers and wanted to stay inside the building where there were witnesses.

Instead of examining his ID and allowing him to go, the officers confiscated McNab’s card, saying they needed to verify that he was an “active” Columbia student.

“For context: Columbia students have access to Barnard libraries. After 11 p.m., students are supposed to show their IDs to public safety before entering campus. But this rule is loosely enforced and hardly followed. I have always just nodded to the officer. Nothing like this,” Andrew Wang, who identified himself as a Columbia student, wrote in his tweet below that includes a video of the incident.

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Jay Z raps about Nipsey Hussle and Blacks buying their neighborhoods at his BSides 2 show @WebsterHall



Jay-Z dedicated a portion of his performance at a concert in New York City on Friday to Nipsey Hussle, by honoring the slain rapper’s legacy and commitment to his community. 

Hussle’s efforts to revitalize the South LA neighborhood he grew up in inspired Jay-Z to remember Hussle during the music mogul’s performance at Webster Hall located in the East Village:

“Gentrify your own hood, before these people do it/ Claim eminent domain and have your people move in/ That’s a small glimpse into what Nipsey was doing/ For anybody still confused as to what he was doing,” a BET video showed Jay-Z rapping.

Hussle, who founded brand and clothing store called The Marathon Clothing, nestled in a strip mall near Crenshaw Boulevard, has been widely recognized for his efforts to redevelop the Crenshaw neighborhood.

Los Angeles City Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson has publicly celebrated Hussle for his leadership with Destination Crenshaw, a project aimed at honoring black culture, history and art in the Crenshaw community.

Harris-Dawson entered a motion earlier this month to have the intersection of Slauson Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard named after Hussle. On April 12, he announced on social media that the LA City Council voted unanimously to name the intersection “Nipsey Hussle Square.”

The Grammy-nominated rapper, born Ermias Asghedom, was fatally shot outside his clothing store on March 31. Hussle’s fans, loved ones and a number of public figures have since publicly mourned his death. 

During Jay-Z’s freestyle, which he segued into after performing his 2002 song “Some How, Some Way,” he referenced Hussle being killed in his own community. 

“I told Neighborhood Nip stay close/ There’s a hundred million dollars on your schedule, lay low… I never dreamed he’d get killed in a place that he called home.” 

In 2013, Hussle told MTV News that Jay-Z had reached out to purchase 100 copies of the independent rapper’s mixtape priced at $100 a piece. 

“I got a DM on Twitter from a respected hip-hop journalist, and he was just like, ‘Hov respects the move, salute,’” Hussle told the publication.

He added, “A little while later, I got an email from my team – that came through my team and it just was like, ‘Roc Nation, on behalf of Jay Z wants to buy 100 units.’”


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Tuscaloosa police chief “disgusted” by arrest video of a 22-year-old Jhasmynn Sheppard 



TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — An Alabama police chief said Wednesday that he is “disgusted” by a video recording showing an officer threatening and cursing a woman during a traffic stop that turned violent. 

Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steve Anderson commented during a news conference in which he released police bodycam video of the arrest of Jhasmynn Sheppard, 22. The way officers treated the woman was “not what we teach,” he said. 

Both an officer who initially stopped the woman and another officer who arrived as a backup have been placed on desk duty and face disciplinary procedures, Anderson said. He didn’t release the full name of either man. 

Sheppard was suspected of leaving the scene of a car accident Friday. The video shows an officer trying to handcuff her less than 10 seconds after requesting her driver’s license. Another officer arrives moments later. 

“Sir, please don’t do me like this,” the woman is heard saying early in the confrontation. She struggled as an officer tried to handcuff her, and both wound up on the pavement. Video shot by bystanders showed an officer hitting the woman with a collapsible baton. 

The video released by Anderson shows an officer cursing the woman, threatening to kick out her teeth and saying he could have shot her. The initial physical confrontation between the officer and the woman appeared justified, the chief said, but the curses and threats were out of bounds. 

Anderson said he was “disgusted” and “very disappointed” by the video, which he said shows officers violated department training throughout the encounter. 

One officer’s account of the arrest was previously detailed in court documents filed Tuesday. 

The officer said the woman was making “furtive” movements and incoherent statements and then resisted arrest. The officer said the woman took his baton, but on video a man is heard claiming she grabbed his genitals.

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Durham woman arrested in front of daughter on Frontier Airlines flight after complaining about vomit in seat



According to DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) A Durham woman is facing charges after a confrontation on a Frontier Airlines flight that landed her in jail. 

Frontier Airlines is standing by the flight attendant involved but Rosetta Swinney has a different story about what happened. 

“What really hurt me is for my child to see me getting handcuffed and taken away from her,” Swinney said. “Twelve hours I was in jail. Twelve hours.” 

Swinney says she will never ride Frontier Airlines again after getting kicked off a plane on her way back from Las Vegas. 

She had been in Nevada for a wedding with her 14-year-old daughter for Easter weekend. 

Swinney said boarding the flight back to RDU was already delayed so the staff could clean the plane. 

That’s why she was surprised that the seat was still dirty when she boarded with her daughter. 

“She jumped up to say mom! My hands are wet. She smelled it. She says ‘this is vomit, mom.’ So we went to look. It was on the bag, all over her shirt, her hands,” Swinney said. 

That’s when Swinney alerted a flight attendant. 

“I don’t know if she got offensive about it. But she turned around to me and said, ‘that’s not my job.’ If it wasn’t her job. Why wasn’t it attend to?” Swinney said. 

Frontier Airlines said in a statement that “the flight attendants apologized and immediately invited the mother and her teenage daughter to move to either end of the plane so that the seat area could be cleaned.” 

The statement also said that “the mother and daughter were…told that once boarding was complete they would be provided other seats if available.” 

Swinney, however, said the flight attendant never attempted to clean up the mess and did not reassign her seat. 

A woman who said she witnessed the exchange posted a similar account on Facebook, saying that the attendant said it wasn’t her job to clean up the mess. 

Swinney said she confronted the flight attendant again and that’s when authorities were called to remove her and her daughter. 

“I felt humiliated,” Swinney said. “I felt more bad that my child had to see me be handcuffed and taken away from her.” 

The 53-year-old woman was put in jail and her daughter was placed in child protective custody. 

After getting out of jail, Swinney said she bought a $1,000 flight home through Delta. 

Frontier refunded the cost of her original flight home. But Rosetta said that’s not good enough. She has hired a civil rights attorney to fight her misdemeanor trespassing charge. 

She is due in a Las Vegas courtroom in June. 

Read the full statement from Frontier Airlines below: 
“During boarding of flight 2066 from McCarran International Airport (LAS) to Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) last week, two passengers told the flight attendants that vomit was present in their seat area. The flight attendants apologized and immediately invited the mother and her teenage daughter to move to either end of the plane so that the seat area could be cleaned. The mother and daughter were also told that once boarding was complete they would be provided other seats if available. The daughter was also offered cleaning products and invited to use the lavatory to wash up. The mother was unsatisfied with the response and became disruptive. As a result, the flight attendants determined that the mother and daughter should be deplaned and accommodated on another flight. The mother refused, and following procedure, law enforcement was called. Law enforcement then requested that everyone deplane so that the mother and daughter could be removed allowing the aircraft to be re-boarded and depart. We apologized to our passengers for the inconvenience caused by the departure delay. The safety of passengers and crew is our top priority at Frontier.”


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